Bitvavo is Nominated for the Financial Website of the Year Award
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Bitvavo is Nominated for the Financial Website of the Year Award


We are excited to announce that Bitvavo has been nominated by the Dutch competition “Website of the Year” (Website van het jaar) in the financial category. The voting period ends November 17, so make sure to cast your vote now.

This competition has a long standing tradition in the Netherlands and has been held annually for the past 21 years. This year’s edition is special not just because of Bitvavo’s nomination, but because it is the first year featuring a website from the digital asset industry in the financial category. Bitvavo’s nomination in this category means our website will compete alongside banks, payment providers, and traditional brokers.

Being considered for this award in the financial category shows how far the digital asset industry has come and how the perception of digital assets has shifted from a niche interest to a mainstream investment. We are proud to be leading the charge towards the mainstream on behalf of our industry and will continue to prove that we belong among other established financial institutions.

As for the website and our platform, we have spent considerable time and effort creating a website experience that rivals and aims to surpass traditional finance websites in usability, design, and content. We understand the importance of an intuitive onboarding experience for newcomers to digital assets, and the need for an experience that guides and allows anyone to unlock their financial potential.

The launch of our new website earlier in the year proved successful, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reached out to us with compliments and feedback to make our platform even better. We are improving our platform every day and have much in store for 2022.

To support Bitvavo and the digital assets industry in the competition, VOTE HERE.

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