Upcoming Changes to Bitvavo's Maker Trading Fees

Upcoming Changes to Bitvavo's Maker Trading Fees

Bitvavo, Clement

As the biggest digital asset exchange in the Benelux, we aim to offer our customers the most competitive fees available on a regulated EUR-digital asset spot exchange while also providing the best service and customer care. For that reason, we've spent the first half of 2021 scaling up our organization to ensure the quality and reliability of our services.

In order to support our goal to continue growing without compromising the quality of our service, we’re introducing a few changes to how our fees are structured. The vast majority of our users won't be affected by this change, and it will help us build a sustainable environment as well as expand our operations further.

The updated fees will go into effect on 13 September 2021. Our current fees are available here, and will be updated to reflect the changes. The fee schedule will remain based on your total trading volume over the past 30 days.