New Partnership: Bitvavo x Dematrading
Bitvavo x Dematrading

New Partnership: Bitvavo x Dematrading


This partnership allows Bitvavo users to minimize exposure to single coin risk by engaging in index strategies. Using Dematrading, Bitvavo users can choose to invest in top 5, top 10 or top 20 coin indices, and choose between different rebalancers. This partnership can be particularly interesting for investors who are not experienced in trading, don’t know which coins to pick or simply HODL. Dematrading makes investing easier so that users can get more out of crypto.

DemaTrading is an Amsterdam-based startup that delivers crypto trading bots and portfolios that carry out many different strategies. With a mission to level the playing field for crypto investors at any level, DemaTrading gives investors who are just starting out the tools to compete with professionals through automations and algorithms. The result? Simplicity and full control at all times. With DemaTrading traders can automate their investment strategies.

Reduced risk

Investing in crypto indices allows you to spread the risk among the coins included in the index. You only have to choose the index and the amount to invest, and the rest is done by the bot. The bot continuously analyses the market and updates the index frequently. This minimizes the loss from price fluctuations of single coins and improves the index’s risk profile.

Stay in control

The funds are always kept in your account. DemaTrading connects with your personal account through a secure authentication method and trades within your account. You can always withdraw the funds that you made available for the bots.

Ease of use

ֿActivating DemaTrading takes just a click of a button. There is no need to set up the bot or to configure currencies and indicators. Each bot is preconfigured and comes with a description so you can understand what it does and why. Simply activate your bot, sit down and relax. DemaTrading takes care of the rest.

If you don't have a Bitvavo account yet, create one here.

If you already have a Bitvavo account you can activate the DemaTrading bots by following the steps here. Create a DemaTrading account, link it to your Bitvavo profile and start automating your trading.