Crypto exchange Bitvavo welcomes a new player on the market:  Yieldt is making it possible to benefit from the potential of the crypto market in a risk-limiting way as of this month and is now available for Bitvavo users.

Knowledge and expertise
The crypto market is innovative, volatile and sizeable. On one hand, that complexity still deters many an investor from taking the plunge on the crypto exchange. On the other hand, those attributes actually offer huge opportunities. That is why Yieldt is now unlocking the huge potential of the crypto market by making the knowledge of experienced traders and the expertise of crypto specialists available to its clients.

Yieldt's objective is to achieve returns for its investors that are higher than the Bitcoin Price Index. The investment experts do this by means of thorough market analyses, state-of-the-art algorithms and finely tuned trading bots. These offer insights into elements such as the business model, added value and financial developments of the companies behind the digital currencies. Yieldt determines and assesses the spread of the crypto portfolio on that basis.

Risk limitation
Because Yieldt seeks to limit the risks as far as possible, it has chosen to work in partnership with Bitvavo. 'The only genuine crypto exchange in the Netherlands that meets the strictest criteria pertaining to the crypto market', according to founder and managing director of Yieldt Paul Mennema. Yieldt regards trust as the basis of its service delivery and therefore additionally offers clients:

  1. an accessible entry model with a starting capital of just 1,000 euros;
  2. 24/7 access to their investment portfolios;
  3. an insight into results any time via a personal dashboard;
  4. the option of terminating investments at any time.

No obligation trial
By way of introduction to Yieldt, interested parties can make use of the service free of charge until 31 December (inclusive). The step-by-step plan that users must follow can be found on the website