Since its founding, Bitvavo supports SEPA Instant deposits and withdrawals. This feature makes deposits and withdrawals by SEPA very convenient.

Bitvavo is able to receive and transfer funds real-time between users and the bank account of Bitvavo. Through SEPA Instant transfers, Bitvavo accounts will be topped up immediately and users will receive withdrawn funds instantly if your bank supports SEPA Instant. Following the update of the Dutch Payment Association, more banks will support this function soon.

With this feature, depositing substantial funds quickly within the Netherlands will become a lot easier as more users are now able to transfer unlimited amounts instantly. For users in other countries this feature enables users to transfer funds up to €15.000 instantly without deposit fee. Transferring funds to and from a Bitvavo account has never been easier.

In recent months Bitvavo has become the largest digital currency exchange in the Netherlands, thanks to its excellent reputation, ease of use and low fees. Offering recurring deposits further strengthens Bitvavo’s ambition to become one of the leading European digital currency exchanges.