Bitvavo Swaps

Bitvavo Swaps


Starting 16-04-2019, Bitvavo will support Bitvavo Swaps. This option allows you to instantly exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

Bitvavo aims to make buying cryptocurrencies more accessible to its users. The introduction of the cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency swap function is an important step for Bitvavo in order to accomplish its goal of becoming one of the leading European cryptocurrency exchange. Bitvavo Swap is a convenient and fast way to exchange 50+ cryptocurrencies with each other.

Bitvavo Swap offers:

  • Instantly exchange 50+ cryptocurrencies;
  • Hosted wallets for all coins included;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Low fees.

In recent months Bitvavo has become the largest digital currency exchange in the Netherlands, thanks to its excellent reputation, ease of use and low fees. Offering Bitvavo swaps further strengthens Bitvavo’s ambition to become one of the leading European digital currency exchanges.

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